Project Management

Comprehensive project management from A to Z, for building construction and renovation.

Overzicht van de taken van de projectmanager :

During the design phase

Analysing technical and functional aspects of the building.

Helping define client’s requirements.

Estimating project cost and time.

Controlling plans, specifications and other call for tender documents.

Documenting and managing change requests.

Organising the call for tender processes.

During the implementation phase

Supervising the works, with one or multiple contractors.

Leading the site meetings.

Coordinating the other companies involved in the project: Furniture, audio-visual equipment, ICT, water, electricity, etc.

Assessing the risks, anticipating problems, and providing solutions.

Managing the change requests.

Controlling the quality and progress of the works.

Checking invoices and approving interim payments.

Organizing snagging and commissioning.

Throughout the life of the project

Ensuring compliance with all the legal obligations of the client, especially regarding safety, official inspections, permits and other authorisations.

Coordinating the stakeholders and ensuring the communication between them.

Performing the administrative management of the project: documents, administrative procedures, reports, etc.

And afterwards…

Organising the move to the new location.

Creating the maintenance procedures for the building.

Managing the final acceptance (one year after the provisional acceptance).

Client Representation

Consultancy services within your company for the preparation and follow-up of real estate projects.

You already have a complete design and execution team for the project. But you see that a lot of information must be gathered in your company’s different departments in order to decide on the building’s details.

Significant administrative must be performed and requires some specialist skills. Internal communication and in-house reporting are also important tasks. You need to make sure that all the decisions taken are well documented and complied with over time.

You notice that your employees, even if they have some technical skills, do not have the experience of a project of this scale and above all already have a full time job to do.

Hauban helps you perform the internal tasks that are necessary for a big construction project: collecting useful information from your employees, involving the right people at the right time, in-house communication, answering questions, communicating decisions to the external people involved in the project and ensuring full compliance with all requirements.


Cabling design and integration for data centres, office spaces and audio-visual equipment.

A badly designed data centre is a major risk for your company. It affects its profitability with higher operation costs, it increases the risk of IT systems breakdown, limits the performance of your company and makes it difficult to adapt to new technologies.

The design needs to be made early enough in the project because making changes in a data centre during construction is often almost impossible. So it is very important to have a detailed and complete design before even starting to draw up the building plans if you do not want to end up having to take decisions that will affect the efficiency of your company.

With its experience and expertise in data cabling, audiovisual installations and construction projects, Hauban can help you define your requirements and design your cabling networks.

Beyond the technical aspect, this exercise allows you to collect very useful information about your company’s activity and that you will need to correctly design the rest of the building.

The technical requirements are then communicated to the architect and engineers who will take them into account when designing the building.

Project types

Office spaces – Hotels – Restaurants – Casinos – Theatres – Data centres – Audiovisual – Other building types...